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What Do You Want,  Cookie-Cutter or Custom?

What Do You Want, Cookie-Cutter or Custom?

| March 31, 2023

Subject: What do you want, custom-built or cookie cutter? 




We show Retirees, Executives, Professionals, Business Owners and Independent Women how to Preserve, Protect, and Pass On your Hard-Earned Wealth so you can RETIRE MORE ABUNDANTLY. (You may share this with a friend.)

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I like custom. You? 

Imagine living in a world where everything is identical. 

You come home from work in a white Buick that looks just like your neighbor's white Buick. 

You pull into the driveway of your little yellow house that is identical to every other little yellow house on the street.

There is only one restaurant, and it serves only one entree and one dessert. After dinner, you head to the movie theater where 16 screens are playing an identical show. 

Unfortunately, that’s the way the tax, retirement and financial industry cranks out plans. 

Cookie cutter. 

Every person’s plan is essentially the same as everyone else’s; identical strategies for you and all your neighbors. It’s assembly-line financial and retirement income planning. 

Is your ideal lifestyle and retirement the same as everyone else’s? 

Doubt it. 

Different dreams, the same plan? The same financial instruments? 

Don't let a financial advisor bully you into taking the product or solution they give to every other person. 

Demand custom. 

Custom plans demand custom solutions.


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