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“Life isn’t about finding yourself.   Life is about creating yourself.”   ~ George Bernard Shaw

When you hear the term financial plan, do you automatically think “complicated”?  A financial plan may seem daunting, but we are here to tell you that with a trusted financial professional in your corner, a plan can provide the confidence and clarity you need to tackle life’s unexpected events.

• Provides the confidence needed to see progress towards financial freedom, because only 1 in 4 Americans feels financially prepared for retirement (CFP Board, 2019).
• Allows you to create a roadmap with your financial professional, to see the big picture and set financial goals along the way.
• Helps you plan for the certainty of uncertainty so you can spend less time worrying about money.
• Builds a long-lasting partnership with your financial professional, based on trust and the knowledge that they understand your goals and dreams.
• Shows the impact your decisions have on the future, which can lead to smarter choices to help you meet your goals

A financial plan, in conjunction with a financial professional, can provide clarity and confidence to be able to make informed financial decisions today and in the future. Your financial professional can provide tailored options for you to help you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Personal Plan

Our Comprehensive Plan is a complete financial plan that includes the 5 modules to the left side below and any optional modules on the right except Business Continuity Planning.

Comprehensive Personal Plan + Business Continuity Planning

Our Comprehensive Personal Plan plus Business Planning.  Business Continuity Planning includes Business Valuation, Buy-Sell Planning, and Key Person. 

Financial planning  or consulting services may be provided separately from, or in combination with investment management services.

Financial Planning Modules:

Retirement Planning/Retirement Income Distribution Planning

Big Impact Planning (Charitable Strategies)

Tax Reduction Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Insurance Planning

Education Planning

Estate and Legacy Planning

Asset Protection Planning

Investment/Wealth Building/Preservation Planning

Debt Reduction

Consulting Services:

Caregiver Support                                                               Long Term Care Planning

Estate Settlement Support                                                  Next Generation Support

Charitable Gift Planning