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Clear and Open Communication

Once your plan is set in motion, you’ll define how we communicate with you – phone, email, mailings or in-person– but you can expect us to deliver proactive, transparent communications and unparalleled service. You’ll also gain anytime access to statements and performance reports through our client portal.   We will schedule annual (or more frequent) reviews if needed to ensure your financial goals and objectives remain current.

Your Personal Financial Website

Also, we’ll provide you access to your own Personal Financial Website which will allow you to view all of your banking and investment accounts,  loans and credit cards, retirement plans, and insurance policies in one place with values updated daily. The site can also track your day to day spending, help you with budgeting, and provide you with a secure place to store important documents and access them anytime, from anywhere in the world.   Here’s a brief video about it: (click on it)

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